Coasts are dynamic social-ecological systems. They are at the interface of global climate challenges (e.g. increased intensity of storm events and sea level rise) and global societal challenges (e.g. migration and energy production). The role of culture (aesthetics, heritage, sense of place and identity) in determining human uses and values of the sea and coastlines, and the effects upon culture of changes to marine and coastal environments, are major gaps in current social-ecological research. This project brings together environmental humanities, ecological sciences, and ecosystem assessment, together with stakeholder groups, to evaluate and understand the cultural and historical value of the sea and coastlines to coastal communities in the Irish Sea.

Key Research Questions


The project team consists of the following members. Click on each member’s name to see her or his research profile:

Professor John Brannigan (Co-Director), UCD School of English, Drama and Film

Professor Tasman Crowe (Co-Director), UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science

Dr Frances Rylands, IRC Postdoctoral Fellow, UCD Earth Institute

Dr David Cabana Permuy, IRC Postdoctoral Fellow, UCD Earth Institute

The project team conducted research on the Irish Sea area in 2017-18. To find out more our chosen case study areas, click on the links below:

The Irish Sea