The Cultural Value of Coastlines project team is committed to publishing and disseminating our findings as widely and openly as we can. Where possible, we will share our publications and presentations on this webpage. Click the links below for access.

We published our first academic article from the project in the journal, Ecosystem Services in April 2019. This article explains the importance of ‘sense of place’ as a cultural ecosystem benefit, and describes the methods we use to assess ‘sense of place’.

You can read the article and download it as a PDF here.

In February 2019, a presentation from the project was invited as a contribution to the National Biodiversity Conference in Dublin. The Conference was an innovative effort to bring academics, state agencies, professionals, and NGOs together to focus attempts to reverse biodiversity loss, and to understand the importance of biodiversity to ecosystem health and benefits. The Conference Report can be found here. As part of the Report, you can watch videos of all presentations, including the presentation given from our project.

You can watch the video of our presentation to the National Biodiversity Conference here.

We will add more publications and presentations to this webpage as they become available.