Dublin Bay Storymap Image
Illustration from Dublin Bay Story Map

The Cultural Value of Coastlines project has sought to investigate and present how we derive cultural benefits from coastal ecosystems. This has involved surveying coastal ecosystems for how people use and engage with them, and also collecting information about how art and literature have represented our coastlines over the last two hundred and fifty years, in order to show how the cultural value of coastlines changes over time. We use StoryMaps to illustrate and narrate the relationship between culture and ecology. Click on the links below to navigate through our project StoryMaps. The StoryMaps will open in a new browser window.

Click here for our StoryMap about coastal habitats and cultural uses of the coast in Dublin Bay.

Click here for our StoryMap about cultural representations of Dublin Bay.

You can participate in the project by telling your own story about the cultural value of our coastlines in Dublin Bay, Strangford Lough, and West Cumbria, with words and images, on our participatory mapping survey: Click here to Participate.