1. Do I need to log-in or create an account?  No, although it is possible to login on the questionnaire host website Ushahidi. Creating an account and logging in is not required to participate in the survey.
  2. Do I need to provide personal information along the questionnaire? No, the questionnaires are anonymous. However, if you would like to be contacted for future stages of the research there is an opportunity to share your contact details with us. These details will be held securely and confidentially and only used for The Cultural Value of Coastline project.
  3. What is the purpose of  collecting  information through out the questionnaires? The information collected in the questionnaires will be used for the purposes of the Cultural Value of Coastlines project. For more information on the aims, objectives and research questions of the project please click here. Survey data and other information collected in the research will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act.